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Errors and Omissions Insurance Program for American Insurance Brokers, LLC AGENTS

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E&O Program Introduction

  • 360 Coverage Pros provides an Errors & Omissions insurance program exclusively for Agents appointed with American Insurance Brokers, LLC. Since 1990, 360 Coverage Pros has assisted thousands of agents with their E&O needs.

About This Coverage

  • This Errors and Omissions insurance program is designed exclusively for American Insurance Brokers agents and covers the sale and servicing of life & health products.
  • This E&O Policy renews on December 1st. All certificates of insurance issued under this policy will renew December 1st. Premiums are prorated based on chosen effective date of coverage.

Pricing Information

$1 Million per claim / $1 Million annual aggregate
GoHealth Carrier Products Only: Coverage is for sale and servicing of carrier products offered through GoHealth LLC or one of its authorized affiliates and includes life, accident, health, disability, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplemental products. This Policy does NOT cover any annuity products or mutual funds.
Effective Date Pay In Full or Down Payment w/ Monthly Payment
12/01/19 $415.00 $80.87 $35.83
01/01/20 $384.17 $80.87 $35.83
02/01/20 $353.33 $80.87 $35.83
03/01/20 $322.50 $80.87 $35.83
04/01/20 $291.67 $80.87 $35.83
05/01/20 $260.83 $80.87 $35.83
06/01/20 $230.00 $80.87 $35.83
07/01/20 $199.17 $80.87 $35.83
08/01/20 $168.33 $80.87 $35.83
09/01/20 Apply today for $137.50 $80.87 $35.83
10/01/20 $106.67 $80.87 $35.83
11/01/20 $75.83 $75.83 $0.00
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  • Premiums are prorated to allow for mid-policy enrollment
  • The Following Pricing and Payment Information Applies:
    • Pricing includes premium and applicable administrative fees
    • Down payment includes one month's premium, administration fees, and a $5.00 monthly processing fee
    • Monthly payments include one month's premium and $5.00 processing fee
    • Monthly payments will begin the third day of the month after the enrollment effective date
  • At the time of enrollment, each agent will be required to make a non-refundable payment in the amount of the first month’s premium (minimum earned premium). Administrative fees and minimum earned premium are non-refundable.
  • This policy renews on December 1st of each year.

Program Eligibility

  • You must be actively affiliated with American Insurance Brokers, LLC at the time of enrollment

Program Features

  • Guarantee Issue – Group preferred rates
  • Coverage includes life, accident and health, disability income activities, universal life, annuities and section 125, employee benefit plans, managed health care organizations
  • Two coverage options:
    • Coverage for GoHealth products ONLY
    • Coverage for full life, accident & health
    • This policy does NOT cover any annuity products or mutual funds
  • Provides coverage for your administrative, clerical and support personnel while they are acting on your behalf.
  • Provides coverage for any corporation, partnership or other business entity that is owned or controlled by an Agent, General Agent or Registered Representative but only for the covered acts of the individual Agent, General Agent or Registered Representative. This is individual E&O insurance.
  • This is a claims made and reported policy. Claims must be submitted as soon as practicable in writing to the insurer. Coverage only applies to claims first made during the policy period. Claims must be reported during the policy period; or, during an extended reporting period (ERP). Prior acts are covered back to the first day of continuous E&O coverage. Please refer to the policy form for claim reporting provisions and definition of a claim, prior acts definition, and ERP details.

Coverage Limits

  • $1 Million per claim / $1 Million annual aggregate
  • $1 Million per claim / $2 Million annual aggregate

Deductibles and Retentions

  • $500 deductible on GoHealth product-related claims
  • $1,000 deductible for non-GoHealth product-related claims

Payment Options

  • Pay in full or choose monthly payments via credit card or electronic funds transfer (EFT). For those customers that select the monthly payment option, your credit card or EFT will be processed on the third of each month.


  • This errors and omissions coverage is placed with an admitted carrier. Please reference the A.M. Best rating and disclosures link below for an explanation of admitted and non-admitted carriers.
  • Your coverage is secured by BCS Insurance Company.
    BCS Insurance Company is A.M. Best "A-" (Excellent) VIII rated carrier.


  • A.M. Best rating and other disclosures.
  • All policy documents are delivered in electronic format by default. You can manage your account delivery options by visiting the "Log in" menu option at the top of the page.
  • Refer to the policy form by clicking on the Policy button at the top of the page for more details on covered professional services and exclusions.

Program Administrator

  • Gallagher Affinity
  • Refer to the policy form for additional definitions, terms, and conditions. Please contact us with any questions or concerns; you can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.
  • Program administrative services include policy review and issuance, premium billing and invoicing, mid-term policy changes, coordination and issuance of certificates of insurance, online enrollment and account management and a dedicated customer support team with phone, chat and online contact features.
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