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Errors And Omissions Insurance

This Errors and Omissions Insurance Program features low rates, comprehensive coverage options, easy online applications, "A" rated carriers and monthly payment options.

Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance designed specifically for staffing and recruiting professionals.

Cyber Liability Insurance

This Data Breach & Cyber Liability Program is designed to provide the critical insurance coverage necessary to help protect companies of all sizes from the high costs and implications of a privacy breach or other cyber related incident, as well as comply with state and federal regulations and costly penalties.

Business Owner's Policy (BOP)

BOP Insurance helps cover your business from claims resulting from things like fire, theft or another covered disaster and from claims involving bodily injury, property damage and personal and advertising injury that could arise from your business’ operations.

Cybersecurity Compliance & Certification

InfoSafe® makes it simple and affordable to protect your customers and business against a data breach while getting compliant with government and industry data security regulations. Get certified and save 20% or more.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

The Directors & Officers Liability program is designed to provide the critical coverage necessary for any private or public company, not-for-profit organization or association to protect its key decision makers in the event of a lawsuit.

Savings & Discounts Program

360 Coverage Pros customers enjoy complimentary access to our exclusive savings and discounts program. Take advantage of offers from thousands of local and national retailers and save on all the things you love to buy including NFL tickets, Walt Disney World, Costco, Target, movie tickets, hotels, cruises and much more.

Data Breach Risk & Compliance Assessment Report

The InfoSafe® Risk & Compliance Assessment helps you evaluate your organization’s current level of compliance with all major federal, state and industry information security standards and requirements.

$25 Gift Cards For Just $3

Everyone loves a great dining experience, including your clients. Our gift cards are a high value, low cost way for you to increase sales, close appointments, generate referrals, up-sell on policies, and thank top clients. 1000’s of restaurants nationwide. Only $3 per $25 gift card!

Special Event Coverage

Designed to cover general liability at short term events, this program can cover a single location up to 10 consecutive event days and up to a maximum total attendance of 15,000. Additional setup days and tear down days are automatically provided. Host liquor coverage is available.

What 360 Coverage Pros customers are saying

"Excellent way to purchase E&O Insurance, quick, easy and painless."

Sean F.

"Great coverage. Great Company!"

John D.

"The only place to get errors and omissions coverage. Pleasure to work with!"

Jeffrey A.

"Awesome, easy ,fast made especialy for what i needed and made a payment plan for me without me even..."

Frank T.

"The directions were clear and very simple"

Linda G.

"Very simple to understand. Straight forward. :)"

Kayla B.

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Our programs are customized for your industry, association or affinity group.

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360 Coverage Pros is an industry leading insurance and benefits provider for individuals, groups and associations.

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