Cybersecurity Compliance & Certification

Get Protected. Get Compliant. Get Certified.

As a member, you get a special members only 20% discount on the InfoSafe® Certification Program. This industry leading compliance management system makes is easy and affordable for professionals and small businesses to implement and maintain virtually all federal, state and industry data security requirements.

Getting certified not only helps you protect your sensitive client data, it also helps instill trust and confidence with your clients and other business associates. Don’t delay – get your business certified right away.

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  • At a Glance

    • Comprehensive risk assessment and report
    • Personalized information security plan and policies
    • All the compliance tools, resources, documents you need
    • Cybersecurity testing, computer checkups
    • Compliance and certification reports for clients, vendors, and suppliers
    • Breach incident response plan, crisis management
    • Certification seal for your website, business cards
    • Quarterly, annual compliance reviews and certification
    • Live phone support
  • Administrative Safeguards

    • Security and Compliance Risk Assessment of current processes, systems
    • Provide personalized Information Security Plan (policies & procedures)
    • Provide personalized Compliance Implementation Checklist and Resources
    • Information Security Training for Staff
    • Information Security Handbook and Agreement
    • Customer Privacy Policy, Business Associate Agreements
    • Breach Response Plan, coordinated with insurance carrier
  • Technical Safeguards

    • Regular Cybersecurity Checkups (computers, Wi-Fi routers, passwords, encryption and more.)
    • External Internet/Network Vulnerability Testing (where required)
    • Website Vulnerability Testing (where required)
    • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy
    • Electronic Data Disposal Services
  • Certification Reports for Members

    • InfoSafe Certification Report (to be shared with writing insurance carriers and clients)
    • InfoSafe Certified Seal, Insignia (for websites, business cards, and other marketing materials )
    • Customer Privacy Assurance Program
  • Ongoing Compliance and Support

    • Compliance/Certification Support
    • Quarterly Security and Compliance Checkups
    • Quarterly Security Training & Updates
    • Quarterly/Annual Compliance and Certification Reports
    • Annual Risk Assessment, Review and Certification
    • Regulatory Updates
    • Breach Response Support
    • For Live phone support call 801-724-6211 8am – 6pm Mon-Sat (MT)