Lawyer Malpractice Insurance

Professional Liability Insurance For Lawyers or Law Firms

About This Coverage

  • This Attorney Malpractice Insurance Program is designed exclusively for lawyers
  • Coverage for sole proprietors and nearly any size law firm
  • "A+" rated, admitted carrier
  • Coverage limits up to $10,000,000
  • Multiple retention options – starting as low as $1,000
  • Coverage is available only in Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois and Texas

Program Eligibility

  • This malpractice insurance is specifically for full-time and part-time lawyers.

Program Features

  • Broad definition of professional services including arbitrator, mediator, notary, title agent, escrow agent or fiduciary
  • Broad definition of insured including past or present attorneys, of counsels, employees, and independent contractors
  • Named insured has the right to consent to settlement
  • Outside interests in clients – coverage for legal services rendered if less than 10% equity in the client
  • Prior acts coverage, including predecessor firm coverage – Full prior acts coverage available
  • Prior law firm coverage included – Individual prior acts tailored as requested
  • Author, publisher or presenter of legal research papers or materials coverage
  • Innocent insured protection
  • This is a claims made and reported policy. Claims must be submitted as soon as practicable in writing to the insurer. Coverage only applies to claims first made during the policy period. Claims must be reported during the policy period; or, during an extended reporting period (ERP). Prior acts are covered back to the first day of continuous E&O coverage. Please refer to the policy form for claim reporting provisions and definition of a claim, prior acts definition, and ERP details.


Program Administrator

  • 360 Coverage Pros is administered by Gallagher Affinity, a global insurance brokerage, risk management and consulting services firm.
  • Refer to the policy form for additional definitions, terms, and conditions. Please contact us with any questions or concerns; you can also visit our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.
  • Program administrative services include policy review and issuance, premium billing and invoicing, mid-term policy changes, coordination and issuance of certificates of insurance, online enrollment and account management and a dedicated customer support team with phone, chat and online contact features.