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Cyber security and data protection are national security issues impacting all U.S. businesses regardless of size. Nation-sponsored groups, as well as organized criminals are stealing from American businesses. It’s time to take this threat seriously and protect ourselves and our businesses. The ASBDC is here to help support small businesses in combatting the threats. This site provides access to the ASBDC Cybersecurity First Steps™ program as well as comprehensive cyber and data breach insurance offered through 360 Coverage Pros. Together, these programs can help small businesses to identify and protect critical data as well as help to detect, respond and recover from cyber and data breach events. Cybersecurity First Steps and SBDC advisors play an important role in ensuring that small business owners consider the value and necessity of implementing cyber and data protection into their business plans, policies and day-to-day business operations. If you need assistance with completing the First Steps questionnaire or would like to review the findings in the Cybersecurity First Steps report, please contact your local SBDC advisor. The cyber and data breach insurance program may be purchased online in minutes. 360 Coverage Pros customer care representatives are available to assist you via phone, online chat or email.

Cyber Liability Insurance

The Data Breach & Cyber Liability Program is designed to provide the critical insurance coverage necessary to help protect companies of all sizes from the high costs and implications of a privacy breach or other cyber related incident, as well as comply with state and federal regulations and costly penalties.

Cybersecurity First Steps™

Free questionnaire can be completed securely online in approximately 30 minutes. After completing, a report is provided that can help you to understand how to best protect your business from cyber threats. Over 4,500 national SBDC advisors are available to provide additional support. Get started today!

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